Thursday, August 4, 2011

Ja-makin' a cake for the Birthday Boy...

Last weekend, I was hired by my coworker/friend to bake for her cousin's boyfriend's birthday.  

*** Side note *** 
This friend (AKA Misha) is the BOMB!!!  
She's had my back since day one... always helping to promote & grown my caking business.  
I just wanted to take the time out to say... Thank you!!!  
I really, truly appreciate it :)

Okay... now back to the cake (LOL).  Misha's cousin wanted a cake that highlighted her boyfriend Oneale's talents and interests... she wanted it to be "a reflection of him"...
  • he's very creative/artsy... likes to draw, paint, take pictures, etc...
  • favorite color is purple
  • likes soccer
  • and he's Jamaican so she wanted that represented somehow
After our "consult", I was ready to go.  
The creative wheels were turning (LOL).  I was super excited about this cake and couldn't wait to get started.  

Here's my initial sketch...

She wanted the biggest cake (bottom tier) to be Funfetti so... an idea struck [Ding, Ding... that was the sound effect I heard in my head... LOL].  Why not make the colors in the cake green, yellow, and black (like the Jamaican flag)?!?!?  So... Here's a pic of the inside of the cake...

It looked GREAT!!!  
I was super excited about that "personal" touch :)

Here are some pics of the final product...

The top tier was carved into a "Pacman" shape to resemble a painter's palette that featured vibrant colors and a paint brush.

I wanted it to look like the brush was used to "paint" his name on the side of the cake :)

on the other side of the cake was a camera sitting on a Jamaican flag.

*** side note *** 
my hubby saw this "camera" sitting on my kitchen table and thought it was real.
I was so happy to hear that I had "tricked him" b/c he's my biggest critic (LOL).

And the final touch was a soccer ball and net.

I was really happy with the way the cake turned out... It was MUCH better than I had in visioned.
I hope the birthday boy liked it :)

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