Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!

This MINI cake was for an old high school friend's Anniversary.  
She wanted to make sure the cake was "for both of them... not just a typical 'Happy Anniversary' cake" (LOL).

The first thing she said was... "we're totally different... He likes to fish and I like to get my nails done and shop".  **side note ** That sounds like every other married couple I know... opposites really do attract :)

Since it was a MINI cake, I didn't have much space to go crazy with design so... I kept it clean and simple... straight to the point.  

Take a look...

His half was a "gone fishin" theme...

and her half was quilted (her favorite) with a bottle of hot pink OPI nail polish and a cute little target shopping bag :)

It was a yellow cake with chocolate buttercream... YUMMY :)
I really hope they enjoyed it!

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Whoooo's the Birthday girl?!?!?

Today is my friend/co-worker's birthday :)
And... when thinking of what kind of sweets to bake, 2 things popped into mind... 
  1. she LOVES anything that has to do with owls (which is great b/c I LOVE them too... this will be fun) and
  2. she LOVES my chocolate stout cuppies

First off, let me tell you a little about these cuppies... they're YUMMY and super moist.  
It's a rich chocolate cake baked with Guinness, topped with a YUMMY Bailey's buttercream, and drizzled with a dark chocolate ganache.... what's not to LOVE about that?!?!?  It's a triple YUM :)

Let's get caking :)

here's a picture of the cuppies straight out the oven...

while they were cooling, I quickly made these adorable owl fondant toppers...

once those were complete, it was frosting time.
first, a nice swirl of buttercream...

then it's "drizzle" time :)

** side note *** 
I think I may have gotten a little carried away while "drizzling".
Either that, or I don't know my own strength (LOL).
I had a little accident.
I must have squeezed the bottle I was using to "drizzle" a little too hard b/c the next thing i knew, the nozzle popped off and my YUMMY ganache was splattered EVERYWHERE!!!  

check out the aftermath of the mini "explosion" (LOL)...

after I cleaned up my mess, it was on to the next step...
give each one of my cute little owls their very own fluffy home (LOL)...

say hello to...




I baked 24 cuppies but only made 12 toppers so... the other 12 where topped with yellow edible pearls.  Aren't they pretty?!?!?...

 I really hope Adela likes her cuppies and that she has an AMAZING birthday :)

*** I also hope that the girls in my office don't get "drunk" off of these cuppies.  
I could get in serious trouble for that (LOL).

Enjoy :)

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Patty's Luau

Last night we celebrated my God Mother's "bleep"th birthday (LOL).
Pattty is a beautiful person, in-side and out who ALWAYS puts others before herself.  She deserves the BEST and I wanted to make sure I gave her a cake that she would always remember :)

Take a look...

The cake was super YUMMY!!!  The top tier was a "Pina Colada"... a coconut cake with pineapple buttercream laced with Malibu Rum and the bottom tier was a Dominican cake with dulce de leche. 

Time to blow out the candles...

Make a wish Patty...

As soon as I rec'd the invite, I litterally JUMPED on the opportunity to bake the cake.  I hope everyone enjoyed it :)

Side note... I LOVED the MINI banner cake topper I made (with the help of my BFF Melissa)!!!  
It's idea I came across while my many hours of surfing the web (LOL).  I found a great tutorial on
Nikki, In Stitches.  I can't wait to make anotherone of these... It was a hit :)

Enjoy :)

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Monday, July 11, 2011

Fleur de Lis

Last weekend, I was hired by my little cousin to bake a MINI cake for her Mom.
When I asked what design/theme she had in mind, she said, "My Mom LOVES Fleur de Lis".

So... once again, I used this opportunity to try new things :)
This cake was the first time I've ever...
  1. made a "quilted" cake
  2. used ribbon to trim my cake (I always use fondant)
Take a look...

This cake is so simple yet so classy... I LOVED it!!!
I hope the Birthday Girl enjoyed it :)

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Monday, July 4, 2011

The Omega Psi Phi Bulldog...

I was hired this weekend to make a sheet cake featuring this logo...

This job marked a first of two things for me...
  1. it was the first time I've ever made a sheet cake
  2. the first time I've ever made a 2D image (by hand)

It looks pretty simple but... The bulldog itself, took a lot of time, precision, and PATIENCE to make :)  In the end, I think it came out really nice.

The cake was Red Velvet with cream cheese icing... YUMMY!
I hope the customer enjoys the taste and esp the design :)

I can't wait to work on another 2D image.
Enjoy :)

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