Friday, February 25, 2011

My 1st stacked cake...

I FINALLY took a "Tall Cakes" class!!!
I've been waiting for this class for what seems like FOREVER!!!  (lol)
In this class we learned the "proper" way to cover and stack fondant cakes.

In the end, we ended up with a plain stacked cake... an empty canvas (if you will).
There were so many design concepts to choose from... what to do, what to do?!?!?  lol :)
But... in the end, I ended up with this really pretty pale pink cake with black trim adorned with really feminie "ruffled flowers"...

I LOVED the way it turned out!!!
Can't wait to make another :)

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Naty R. said...

Love it all... All your hard work and talent is finally shining through!

"Cakes in a Cup" by Cindy said...

Thank you Naty!!!