Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cookies n' Cream

I baked these yummy MINI cuppies for our Interns last day.
What better way to say "Goodbye & Good Luck" than with yummy cuppies (lol).

As I was sitting in my kitchen last night, thinking about what flavor to bake, it hit me... Cookies n' Cream would be PERFECT!  I mean... who wouldn't LOVE a cuppie that has the best of both worlds?!?!?  Not only is the combination of Vanilla AND Chocolate perfect, but the cake is super moist and it tastes absolutely AMAZING!!!    

MINI cuppie with a mini Oreo baked in with vanilla buttercream topped with a mini Oreo and crumbs... Yummy :)
the C n' C fam... a mix of Regular and MINI cuppies

All boxed up and ready-to-go...
I made a dz topped with mini Oreos and a dz without :)

She was one of the good ones and we're really going to miss her :(
Nicole... I hope you like them!

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