Thursday, July 28, 2011

Happy Anniversary!!!

This MINI cake was for an old high school friend's Anniversary.  
She wanted to make sure the cake was "for both of them... not just a typical 'Happy Anniversary' cake" (LOL).

The first thing she said was... "we're totally different... He likes to fish and I like to get my nails done and shop".  **side note ** That sounds like every other married couple I know... opposites really do attract :)

Since it was a MINI cake, I didn't have much space to go crazy with design so... I kept it clean and simple... straight to the point.  

Take a look...

His half was a "gone fishin" theme...

and her half was quilted (her favorite) with a bottle of hot pink OPI nail polish and a cute little target shopping bag :)

It was a yellow cake with chocolate buttercream... YUMMY :)
I really hope they enjoyed it!

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