Monday, March 28, 2011

"Dia de los Muertos" ["Day of the Dead"]

I was hired to make a traditional Dominican cake with a modern twist... 
the theme was "Dia de los Muertos"

FYI... a traditional Domican cake is covered and decorated with suspiro... which is super yummy but definitely NOT the easiest of things to work with (lol).

I really wanted to incorporate an edible skull in my design but I was worried it would be too heavy and sink into the cake (lol) so... I made sure to leave some room on the side of the cake for it :) 

Dominican cake with dulce de leche filling and suspiro frosting... yummy :)
Edible Skull :)

I really enjoyed making this cake... and I can't wait to perfect my suspiro skills (lol).
Hope my client likes it :)

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