Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Last Day / Future Birthday (LOL)

Today marks a very sad day... my co-worker and friend is leaving NL after many many years... 
Jana... We've been thru A LOT together and I will definitely miss you :(
I wish you only the best in everything you do :)

Now on to the cake (lol)...
Since it's her last day AND she won't be here for her next bday, I made her a really cute MINI cake.  She absolutely LOVES anything and everything PINK and girly so what's better than a "Princess" cake (lol).  

This has 2 tiers of yumminess (lol)...
top:  funfetti with a hint of coconut and strawberry filling
bottom:   chocolate with peanut butter mousse filling
I really hope she enjoys it!!!

side view

and... I was finally able to try this freehand fondant technique...
I LOVE the way it turned out and I can't wait to use it again :)

Jana... Enjoy :)

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