Wednesday, May 18, 2011

"Ni Hao Kia Lan" [Day 1]

Last night I started prepping for the "Ni Hao Kia Lan" cake and cuppie order I have due this weekend.
It's for a 3 year old's Birthday party :)

GOAL:  to start (and hopefully complete) the cake topper

Here's the picture I used as my guide... Isn't she cute?!?  LOL :)

and here she is...

This was my very first attempt at making this character and since I happen to be a bit anal, I feel like she still needs a little bit of work.  When I get home tonight I might end up making minor adjustments here and there.  I'll keep you posted :)

Other than that, my GOAL for tonight is... to start making flowers for the cake and if I have time after that, I'll start working on the cuppie toppers.

Please check back tomorrow for Day 2 pics :)

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Andrea Espach said...

How do you get any of this done? Doesn't your son want to play with/eat your projects?

"Cakes in a Cup" by Cindy said...

In order for me to do anything, I have to wait for him to fall asleep (LOL).
Otherwise, he wants to be my little helper... following me around saying things like... "Mommy... cake... make fla-wers". and eating all of my fondant (LOL).