Thursday, May 19, 2011

Day 2...

As I mentioned yesterday, my GOAL for last night was to start making flowers for the "Ni Hao Kai Lan" cake and to try to start working on the cuppie toppers.  But... I wasn't able to do any of that.  Just as I was about to start, I noticed that I made a boo-boo.  One of the cakes I baked for this order was the wrong size :(

This is what happens when you bake after-hours and you're tired... you tend to make mistakes (or at least I do...LOL).  So... instead of getting started on my fondant/gumpaste work, I had to bake.  I was upset at first but then I was fine.  Just look at the bright side... now I have a yummy chocolate cake for me to enjoy (LOL).

So... After preparing my batter and popping the cakes in the oven, I got side tracked (that tends to happen to me A LOT).  As I mentioned yesterday, I wasn't 100% happy with the way "Kai Lan" turned out.  So... instead of moving on to other MUCH needed things, I went back to give her a "make-over" (LOL).


Don't get me wrong... she looked really cute but... I think she was too compact (borderline "pudgy").  So... I made minor adjustments.


They look very similar but... Overall, I think the mini "make-over" suits hers very well (LOL).

After last night's setback, I hope to be able to get back on track tonight.  My GOAL... make flowers and cuppie toppers for this cake and start prepping for another order I have due on the same day.

I have a feeling it's going to be yet another LONG night (LOL).  I'll post pics tmw :)

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